About Us

Wall Street Psychologists has provided psychological services to the Financial District community
since 1982.  Its staff of psychologists and clinical social workers offer psychotherapy, marriage
counseling and substance abuse counseling.  The staff are cognizant of the stresses of working in the
dynamic and challenging – but also high-pressure- world of Wall Street.  We also experienced the
tragedy of September 11 along with the rest of the Downtown community, and know well the lingering
trauma that day has caused for so many people.   

Whether depression and anxiety may result from working in the high-pressured environment of the
business capital of the world, or if difficulties originate elsewhere in people’s lives, Wall Street
Psychologists offers caring and capable treatment from well-trained clinicians.
Our Staff

John G. Guinan, Ph.D., Director   

Chee Chan Psy.D., Director

Pasqualina Caggiano Psy.D.

Donna Connelly Psy.D.

Fanchette M. Degaard Ph.D.

Kyra Grosman, Psy.D.

Mary Kristjen Ph.D.

Ariel Lachman, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Richards Psy. D.

Elizabeth A. Sharpless, Ph.D.
Our Staff