John G. Guinan, Ph.D.

Dr. Guinan approaches psychotherapy as a unique encounter with each individual.  Each of us forms a
core set of attitudes and expectations about dealing with others, and those in turn both shape and
reflect how we view ourselves.  Many of these attitudes and expectations are so ingrained that we
remain unaware of them.  In therapy, they can be uncovered and explored in the safe and affirming
relationship with the therapist.  Expectations which are counterproductive or harmful can be recognized,
and better outlooks and strategies cultivated.  The wishes and goals of the patient guide the process,
while the therapist helps build the awareness which allows change and growth to take place.   
John G. Guinan, Ph.D.

Dr. Guinan, a clinical psychologist, has been affiliated
with Wall Street Psychologists since 1983, and has
been Director of the practice since 1986.  He received
his undergraduate degree from the College of the Holy
Cross, and his Masters and Doctorate from Fordham

After being licensed as a psychologist, Dr. Guinan
completed a four year postgraduate training program at
the Westchester Center for the Study of Psychoanalysis
and Psychotherapy.  He was an associate attending
member of the medical staff of Phelps Memorial
Hospital Center, Sleepy Hollow, New York,  from 1976
until 2006.