Matthew J. Kaplowitz, Ph.D.
Chee Chan Psy.D.
work. His approach uncovers the meaning behind a client's unhealthy relationships and
destructive behaviors, and enables his clients to become aware of, respect and empathize
with these bonds, leading to fully experiencing life. This freedom materializes because
individuals realize they have a choice in continuing to identify with connections instead of being
a prisoner to them.  

In addition, Dr. Chan understands how these insights can be helpful to those working in the
Wall Street area, given his prior experience of being in that environment.

Dr. Chan obtained his doctorate from Long Island
University/C.W. Post.  His passion for the work stems
from witnessing the growth of others as well as being on
the path of self-discovery himself.  Being a part of clients'
lives at Bellevue Hospital, Nassau University Medical
Center, New York University, Cambridge
Hospital/Harvard Medical School and the William Allison
White Institute has honed his ability to listen to, share
and stay connected with the pain and joy of being
human.  His personal journey helps him to cultivate the
compassion, curiosity and desire involved with
accompanying others in their struggle  to facilitate

Dr. Chan understands the way people may be defined by
factors such as family, society, relationships, culture or
Chee Chan Ph.D.